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Full lineup of bands announced for 2019 Mechanismus Festival
The full lineup of bands and DJs for the 2019 Mechanimsus Festival taking place in Seattle has been announced. Spanning six nights from June 25 to June 30, Let’s Go to War marks the festival’s second year, showcasing an eclectic mix of industrial, electro, and EBM, with styles ranging from the crunchy rock sounds of Hate Dept., Project .44, Particle Son, and Adoration Destroyed to the abrasive beats and scalding electronics of Suicide Commando, FGFC820, Hocico, and W.A.S.T.E., to name but a few. Other acts on the bill include the darkly melodic stylings of Ego Likeness, Iris, Cylab, and HexHeart, to the dance floor pounding energy of Funker Vogt, System Syn, Caustic, [:SITD:], and Klutæ, and the harsher and more experimental sonuds of ESA and Contaminated Intelligence.
The main event takes place at the Highline Bar, with the “After Party” on the sixth night at Mercury @ Machinewerks, with DJ sets from Rexx Arkana, Eschar, Savak, and Markko; the event’s schedule along with a full listing of bands can be found on the Mechanismus Festival: Let’s Go to War Facebook page. Tickets will be going on sale at 12:01am PST on January 5.
Stay tuned to ReGen Magazine in the coming months as we feature InterViews with many of the performing acts; Mechanusmus: Let’s Go to War is sure to be one of 2019’s most anticipated and not-to-be-missed events!
Full lineup of bands announced for 2019 Mechanismus Festival


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