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Freakangel releases new video to Vimeo, denied by YouTubeFreakangel has released its newest video, “The Ones That Fall,” via Vimeo after a rejection-for-upload from YouTube. “Minutes after the initial upload, we got the message from YouTube that the video had too much nudity (and no beheading – which is accepted of course) in it,” says the band, “and therefore was banned from further distribution on YouTube.” Freakangel has since released a censored version to YouTube (“for the choir boys,” as Freakangel puts it), while Vimeo hosts the original uncensored rendition. “The Ones That Fall” was directed by Aleksei Kulikov, and the song comes from the album of the same title, due out on November 1 through Alfa Matrix.

“The Ones That Fall” censored

Freakangel – The Ones To Fall (Official Video) UNCENSORED VERSION from Freakangel on Vimeo.


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