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Former keyboardist for The Human League to release solo album debut
Ian Burden – former keyboardist and composer for The Human League – will release his debut solo album Hey Hey Ho Hum on the Rutland Artspace Limited label. During his seven years with The Human League, Burden co-wrote some of the group’s most popular songs, including “Do Or Die,” “The Sound of the Crowd,” and “Love Action” on the #1 U.K. charting Dare album, and “Mirror Man,” which hit #2 in the U.K., before stepping back to have limited involvement with music for the last 30 years. When asked about his re-emergence after such a long hiatus, Burden explains that it was a spontaneous and unexpected turn of events, crediting “A collection of vintage synthesizers were shamefully gathering dust in an attic and deserved better fate. Some of them had done service with The Human League and other projects and might be of use to somebody. Their condition needed investigation to see if they were in working order. Being modular units, they required connection to a keyboard, which then led to routing through computer software, which in turn gave rise to riffs and rhythms. Chords and singing easily fell alongside, so I started recording.” He assures listeners that despite his long break, the 10 track album is primarily a reflection of modern times, saying that “The first song, ‘In Those Dreams’ is the only one to reference the past – specifically the era of being an undergraduate with guarded optimism. All the others are about where I am in the present.” Hey Hey Ho Hum is available for pre-order now through PledgeMusic; the album is due for release on May 18.

A music video for the album’s first single, “Let the Devil Drown,” was released on January 12, with Burden commenting about the video “I don’t think fine arts and music have engaged with each other very much, compared with movies and television, etc. So I used some of my paintings as a video experiment. And I’m now inviting other artists to engage with me in an ongoing video production.”


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