Apr 2018 12

Former head of Bluntface Records announces new band, releases debut single
Having spent two decades as a mainstay of the New England music scene and laying to rest his Bluntface Records in 2017, Otto Kinzel embarks on a new musical venture. Originally named Narcan before receiving a Cease & Desist order from the pharmaceutical company that owns the trademark for the name, Kinzel now announces the industrial/metal project Nuke Everything. Comprised of vocalist Greg Alonge and drummer Jeff Allen alongside Kinzel as guitarist/bassist/programmer, and stating its mission is “to raise a middle finger in the face of fascism and evil corporate power,” Nuke Everything has released its debut single via YouTube, called “No Control.”

The song had reached nearly 1,000 views before being removed from YouTube, now relaunched for audiences to bask in the band’s brutal industrialized metal assault. Influenced by such staples of the scene as MINISTRY, Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory, KMFDM, and Front 242, the band promises more music to come in 2018 and beyond.


Nuke Everything
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Otto Kinzel
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