Jun 2016 25

Former God Module member announces Ghosts in the Graveyard debut albumA.D.S.R. MusicWerks has signed Seattle darkwave/shock rockers Ghosts in the Graveyard, announcing that a debut album, titled Monsters for the Masses, will be released in October 2016. Founder and former God Module co-frontman and filmmaker Byron C. Miller formed the group in 2014 as “equal parts horrific, fun, and soul bearing.” Guitarist Paul Morgan of Wiscon, who had previously collaborated with Miller on film projects, brings a punk/metal edge to the project, while classically trained vocalist and keyboardist Shelly Miller (Byron’s wife) rounds out the lineup. According to label president Michael Wimer, who also mixed the album, the band’s music recalls “how much fun I had trick-or-treating as a kid on Halloween!” The band states that it is “happy to join the MusicWerks family and to be on the same roster as previous releases The Labrynth, Cylab, SMP, Noxious Emotion, Gliss, and Fokewolf.”
In addition, Ghosts in the Graveyard will be performing at LoFi Seattle for Bat City Production’s Anti-Block Party, and is planning a mini tour in support of the album release.


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