Nov 2013 05

Foetus releases two new albumsAs a companion piece to the 2010 album HIDE, legendary industrial artist Foetus has released its new album, titled SOAK. Featuring 11 new tracks, including a cvover of “Warm Leatherette” and a remix of “Cosmetics” by Secret Chiefs 3, the album features guest contributions from opera singers Abby Fischer and Natalie Galpern, and drummer Jeff Davidson. Conceptually, SOAK is a sequel album to HIDE, expanding on the themes explored by Foetus on the previous album, while also presenting a standalone statement.
As well, J.G. Thirlwell has also released his soundtrack to the Eva Aridjis supernatural thriller The Blue Eyes. The soundtrack of chamber music features an ensemble of performances by various alumni from his ensemble Manorexia, with Thirlwell performing other instruments and production duties.
Both albums have been released and dsitributed by Ectopic Ents on October 15.


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