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FiXT announces new headquarters and expansion
Independently run and internationally recognized, FiXT has announced that with the relocation of label owner and artist Klayton (Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Scandroid), the imprint will be moving its primary headquarters from Detroit, MI to Los Angeles, CA. In addition, FiXT has announced the creation of two new sub-labels, each with its own genre focus and providing a launchpad for new and up-and-coming acts. “After the success I’ve had with my ’80s-flavored project Scandroid and my IDM/ambient/experimental project FreqGen,” Klayton comments, “it became clear that two different sub-labels could open doors to support the careers of more cutting edge and talented artists outside of the typical electronic rock sound of FiXT.”
FIXT Neon is dedicated to synthwave, indie pop, and chillwave as bands like Scandroid, Sunset Neon, and Fury Weekend comprise the debut lineup. FiXT Labs will house the more experimental forms of IDM, ambient, and drum & bass, home to Comaduster, Underfelt, 3D Stas, and Klayton’s own FreqGen. Klayton continues, “Having these sub-labels has allowed us to sign artists I’ve admired like Comaduster, 3D Stas, and Fury Weekend, and is exciting to me on a personal level.”
With these new sub-labels, FiXT has now opened its doors to accept submissions from new artists and producers interested in signing with the imprint; co-owner and President James Rhodes explains, “We’ve had to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry multiple times in our short history and learn to take our destiny into our own hands as much as possible by embracing a D.I.Y. culture.” He continues, “it is exciting to step back and see the significance of what we’ve built – amassing over a billion streams and fans in over 130 countries. We’re looking forward to empowering not one, but two new rosters of artists to build sustainable careers with global fanbases as we enter the next phase of our journey.” Klayton concludes, “I look forward to finding the next wave of artists to expand the label rosters and help us define the sound of the future.”
Artists interested in applying to FiXT, FiXT Neon, and FiXT Labs can do so at: http://www.fixtonline.com/fixt-open-music-submissions.


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