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Fini Tribe to rerelease classic De Testimony singleEdinburgh dance music act Fini Tribe will release its classic De Testimony single on limited edition 12″ vinyl on January 20, 25 years after its original release as part of the Let the Tribe Grow EP. The vinyl release features the original Collapsing edit of the track, “A FiniFlex Production,” as well as brand new remixes by Justin Robertson, JD Twitch Optimo, and Robot 84. Physical copies are available for pre-order through RoughTrade and Piccadilly Records; digital versions will be available through iTunes and Beatport.
In an interview with PhutureTribes, Fini Tribe’s David Miller discussed the future of the band: “There will be new versions and perhaps complete reworkings of the existing material. John and I plan to work on a completely new ‘project’ and will start work on that shortly. We have been talking about it for some time, we are both silly busy with stuff, but it is something we will do and have time set aside for it. It will be electronic and expansive.” Additionally, Miller discussed live appearances: “It will be a stripped up version. It will take the form of Fini Tribe with ‘A FiniFlex Production.’ We are working with new toys from Native Instruments – Maschine and Traktor. We will be portable and available. No full band; its just not possible. It will be great though!”
Beginning as an experimental guitar project, Fini Tribe quickly moved into a dance project widely known for its use of sampling. The band gained minor mainstream success with dance mixes of the tracks “101” and “Forevergreen” from the 1992 album, An Unexpected Groovy Treat.
Vocalist Chris Connelly moved from Fini Tribe to Ministry and Revolting Cocks in the late 1990s, and is currently touring with his David Bowie tribute collective Sons of the Silent Age.


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  1. Derek says:

    While I’m really pleased that De Testimony is available again, the ‘Let The Tribe Grow’ EP came out in 1986, 28 years ago and the same Collapsing Edit was included on ‘Balearic Beats Vol 1’ in 1988. I’ve read in a few places that this is a 25th anniversary re-release, but I don’t get why, unless it’s to celebrate 25 years since the ‘Noise, Lust & Fun’ LP came out, which had the original 1986 recording as the final track. Looking forward to hearing the new mixes :)

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