Jun 2017 03

Filter releases "Mother E" music video
Having released the band’s seventh album, Crazy Eyes, in early 2016, industrial/alt. rock act Filter has unveiled the official music video for the album’s opening track, “Mother E,” originally premiering via CLRVYNT.com and now available to view on YouTube. Lyrically referencing the shootings that took place at Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, South Carolina in June of 2015, Filter front man Richard Patrick explains in his interview with CLRVYNT.com, “the video is (a) father comes back to his worst nightmare,” and that the imagery is “actually inspired by events that happened in Poland in WWII”, referencing the director Lukasz Pytlik’s home country. The director comments on the video, “I immediately saw the song’s potential to tell a story that is not only brutal and unforgiving, but also one that carries a message and is full of emotions.” With Crazy Eyes having been heralded by many publications (including ReGen) as returning the band to its earliest industrial spirit, Patrick further comments on the song’s production, “Everything had distortion on it,” and describing his rawer vocal approach as “not processed – just a regular fucking mic, and with me ripping it. Kind of letting the kids know, ‘This is what it is! This is what you gotta do!'”


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