Apr 2016 28

Filter front man to score new Jim Carrey movieRichard Patrick – front man for alt./industrial/rock band Filter – has been slated to compose the score for True Crimes, an upcoming dramatic thriller to star Jim Carrey. This marks Patrick’s first time as the primary composer for a movie score, having contributed numerous Filter tracks to several high profile Hollywood productions, and performing guitar on the soundtrack to Repo! The Genetic Opera. True Crimes is based on a 2008 article in New Yorker by David Grann and also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg; the story concerns a murder investigation of a business man, with clues found in an author’s book about a crime that is eerily similar.
Filter’s music has been prominently featured in such movies as Spawn, The Crow: City of Angels, Cable Guy, The X-Files, and 3,000 Miles to Graceland. The band’s seventh album, Crazy Eyes was released on April 8 via Wind-Up Records, debuting at #151 on the Billboard 2000.


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