Apr 2018 27

Fever Ray releases remix EP ahead of rapidly selling out North American tour
Fever Ray – the alter ego of Karin Dreijer of Swedish electronic duo The Knife – has released an EP of remixes for “Mustn’t Hurry” off of herPlunge album by cutting edge international electronic artists. Among them, former collaborator Tami T. “decided that the track should be in a much higher tempo and be dance-friendly,” declaring that “It’s a banger!” Stockholm’s Dinamarca says of his version that “the idea behind the remix was simple; I took all the parts that I loved from the original, arranged it, and added my favorite drums.” Variations by Malaysia-born, China-based DJ Tzusing and Mexico City’s LAO round out the release. Fever Ray has also compiled a playlist of all available remixes from the Plunge campaign, with new mixes to be added as they are released. The Mustn’t Hurry Remix EP is available now via Spotify.

The artist also kicks off her first U.S. tour in eight years on May 12 at the Red Bull Music Festival in New York City. Fever Ray performs both nights of the festival; tickets for opening night are sold out, but are still available for the May 13 show, which will be preceded by a presentation of “Self Care and The Artist: A Talk on Compassionate Creative Practice” hosted by Fever Ray and fellow visual artist and musician Bunny Michael. Tickets for the concert are required to attend the talk, which explores the intersectionality of creativity, social justice, and spirituality followed by a brief audience Q&A session.
A full listing of tour dates can be found on the Fever Ray website; including the first night at the Red Bull Music Festival, several U.S. dates have already sold out!


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