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Fad Gadget tribute compilation reissued by Cleopatra Records
Cleopatra Records has announced the release of Under What Flag, a compilation album paying tribute to pioneering avant-garde electronic musician Frank John Tovey, better known by the moniker of Fad Gadget. Originally organized by Chris Halstead – a.k.a. DJ Seraphim – for Coitus Interruptus Productions and released as a digital only release in 2017, Under What Flag was mastered by Jasyn Bangert of God Module and will be available in CD and digital formats on January 12. The Cleopatra reissue features 17 tracks performed by artists like Leæther Strip, Cylab, Manufactura, Blakk Glass, Shrapnihil, NOIR, and more – in the label’s words, “a tribute album made by fans for fans,” and as “a labor of love” by Coitus Interruptus. The defunct label also had stated, “Fad Gadget’s avant-garde approach to electronic music, along with biting social commentary of the period, are all the more relevant now given today’s caustic political climate. The disposable culture that Frank sang about in the early 1980s is even more alarmingly alive today.”
Pre-orders for both the CD and digital editions of Under What Flag are available now via the Cleopatra Records website and Bandcamp.
Frank Tovey died on April 3, 2002 at the age of 45 having long suffered from heart problems since childhood. His trademark blend of electronics with noise and unorthodox instrumentation using found objects coupled with his deadpan vocal style has been cited as an influence by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Liars, and Depeche Mode; he toured with Depeche Mode on the band’s Exciter tour in 2001 and was working on a new album at the time of his death.


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