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F.J. DeSanto set to release new title with DC EntertainmentDC Entertainment is set to unveil its first ever creator-owned comic, titled Insurgent. Created by F.J. DeSanto (Hypefactor, The Aggression, and a producer on The Spirit) and Todd Farmer (screenwriter for My Bloody Valentine and Drive), and drawn by Federico Dallocchio, Insurgent is a six issue mini-series due to hit shelves in January. The series is “set in a world where terrorism has been defeated thanks to U.S. government-created sleeper agents,” says Farmer to The Hollywood Reporter, “until the sleepers started waking on their own and killing without remorse for the wrong side.” The story will follow the efforts of a retired government hunter to track down and terminate the rogue agents.
Dating back several years, the book’s origin stemmed from creating something “that would marry bleeding-edge futurist themes like nanotechnology and transhumanism with big Halo/Gears of War-style miliary action and still be rooted in strong characters with personal motivations,” says DeSanto to The Hollywood Reporter, “taking advantage of today’s political climate of distrust and paranoia.”
Renowned artist and co-publisher of DC Jim Lee liked Insurgent enough to ensure its publication after many projects under the Wildstorm division had fallen through, assuring DeSanto and Farmer full creative ownership. Says DeSanto, “It exists on its own and we feel really fortunate that DC gave us the freedom to do what was best to drive the story and characters.”
Announcement in The Hollywood Reporter


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