Jun 2017 01

Evestus unveils music video for revamped fan favorite
“Want to know what happens when The Prodigy meets Rammstein and they drop some mean acid?” Estonian industrial act Evestus thinks the answer lies in the video for “Enemy Reloaded,” the revamped version of fan favorite song “Enemy.” Originally released on 2010’s This Is Dramacore, the newly recorded arrangement is the streamlined, dynamic version played live. Evestus explains, “My compositions tend to be heavy on details and thick on layers; that works well on the record but tends to lose the same edge on stage, so I work hard to create live versions of the songs that are stripped down to their core and with live instruments, bring their most focused, hard-hitting delivery.” The video – a collaboration between Grete “Stitch” Laus, the artist behind Evestus’ videos and visuals to date, and artist Ben Garcia, whose recent work includes producing MINISTRY’s live videos – features clips from the original frenetically pulsing and strobing against images of war in a whirl of eye blistering color and light. Evestus is currently on a short tour in the Baltic countries, Czech Republic, and Slovakia before returning to the studio to work on the next full-length album with producer Ade Fenton (Gary Numan).


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