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Evestus teases new album with music video entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2018
Evestus - Welcome to My World (Single)Estonian industrial/goth band Evestus teases a new album with a music video for the track “Welcome to My World,” which has been selected along with 19 other artists in the Eesti Laul competition. With a post-apocalyptic pop style that invites the listener to reflect on a violent and decrepit world of our own creation before we destroy it yet again, “Welcome to My World” marks the first time an industrial artist is being considered to represent Estonia for the Eurovision Song Contest. The video was directed, edited, and shot by freelance artist and longtime Evestus associate Grete “Stitch” Laus, with sets designed by Laus and built by Andres Maask; the Eesti Laul semifinals will take place on February 17 to determine if Evestus will move onto the finals. “Welcome to My World” will be featured on Evestus’ as yet untitled 2018 album, which is being produced by Ade Fenton, best known for his association with Gary Numan. Drawing inspiration from long and dark Estonian winters and “the crippled state of this world,” the new album marks the first full-length release from Evestus since 2010’s This is Dramacore.


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