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Evestus releases second music video from upcoming Ade Fenton produced album
Having signed to London based imprint Syndicol Music, Estonian industrial/goth band Evestus has released a new music video for the track “Everything In Here,” one of the more personal and softer tracks off the group’s upcoming album. Directed and shot by longtime Evestus associated and costume designer Grete “Stitch” Laus and inspired by Shakespeare‘s quote of “All the world’s a stage / And all the men and women merely players,” the video stars Burlesque dancer Katarina Von Schatz, who has appeared in six of the band’s music videos; the surreal and theatrical imagery is aimed towards the song’s atmosphere rather than its lyrics, depicting different emotional states and the concept of sin, the bizarre characters trapped in a staged world and longing for something real. “I prefer to include my fans to my videos,” states front man Ott Evestus, “because they don’t need the explanation of my music and lyrics. They simply already understand where I come from and that gives the video a very genuine and natural nature.” Siting in the producer’s chair for the song and the new album, whose title has not yet been revealed, is Ade Fenton, best known for his work with Gary Numan.


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