Sep 2014 03

Evestus releases remix album, new videoEstonian industrial rocker Evestus has released his sixth studio album, No God: Dissecting Faith, the rare/remix album following its No God release in 2012. The new release collects remixes from Estonian industrialists Freakangel, English experimental electronics duo i!, and Tokyo drumstep/noise artist Chaos Royale, along with a bluesy acoustic cover of “No God” and three brand new Evestus songs. “The worst thing in music for me is when a band goes on stage and all the songs sound the same,” says Otto Evestus. “Even more when they do that with their releases! I wanted this one to be really interesting and dynamic like The Matrix and other cool movie soundtracks used to be back in the days! All the mixes are very far from the original track and all stand very strong independently, so you might love it, you might hate it – but NG: DF is definitely not a boring listen!” Evestus has also released the official video for the track “No God” through YouTube.


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Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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