Aug 2014 04

Everpresent launches new site, announces next albumDarkwave/pop project Everpresent has relaunched its website in preparation for the release of its sixth studio album, Introspekt, set for release in late August. Described as “psychological, ambient industrial rock sci-fi” by founder Matthew Cahoon, the album features new elements such as acoustic piano and three guest spoken word artists, as well as new members including previous live session drummer/educator Balint Boldog and vocalist/bellydancer/co-costume designer Cat Waltzer. The new website features a new layout to match the “new look and sound” of the album.

Everpresent Website
Everpresent MySpace
Everpresent Facebook
Everpresent Twitter
Artistik Soul Productions MySpace
Artistik Soul Productions Facebook
Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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