Jun 2018 13

Everpresent launches latest music video
Synthpop/electro band Everpresent has unveiled the music video for the track “Inside,” the fifth track from 2017’s Parallax. Featuring a performance from model, producer, and theatre/jazz vocalist Katelyn Isaacson, and edited and produced by Everpresent guitarist and electro/rock producer Kahlina Venix, the video was filmed by Creative Synergy Media in Providence, RI’s Dusk Nightclub; Venix also appears in the video alongside Isaacson and Everpresent front man Matthew Cahoon with a guest performance from Christian Carver on drums. the video made its premiere on Germany’s OKTV, as well as Regional TV based in Miami, FL, and syndicated on various networks and numerous hotel resorts and retail outlets. Parallax was released on Halloween of 2017 via Everpresent’s own Artistik Soul Productions, and is available to purchase via Amazon.


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