Jul 2018 19

Everpresent joins Fundable to hit the West Coast
As part of the band’s efforts to take its electro/synthpop sound to the West Coast, Everpresent is now appearing on Fundable, one of the leading platforms for business crowdfunding. Organized by the band’s administrative manager Rachelle Bassilli, front man and founder Matthew Cahoon extends a personal greeting and invitation for potential investors through the platform to spearhead the band’s future endeavors. Having spent the last 16 years in the Boston area, the band hopes to raise funds to relocate to Los Angeles and tour the West Coast, along with future marketing, promotion, product sales, and multimedia efforts.
With over 60 songs released on numerous online platforms over the years, Everpresent’s most recent release with 2017’s Parallax on the band’s own Artistik Soul Productions. An alumni of Berklee College of Music, Cahoon is also a voting panelist and member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys).


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Artistik Soul Productions
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