Jun 2017 12

Empire State Human returns with new album, lyric video
Empire State Human - Romo15 years after the 2002 Pop Robot debut, Irish electronic band Empire State Human has released a new full-length album, Romo on Moscow’s ScentAir Records. The release touches on themes of outsiders and subtle political commentary, while staying true to the group’s synthpop and electronic roots to create a sound both retro and modern. ESH founding member, Aidan Casserly describes the album as “a pure electronic pop album, with great chord changes, and surprisingly inventive riffs. It’s a fine pop album too, and maybe our best ESH album in quite a while. No fillers or lulls, and each song delivers either a cool verse, memorable chorus, or just a great electronic vibe.” Romo was mastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition, Pigface, Black Tape for a Blue Girl) at The Cage Studios and features artwork by Philippe Laurent (Hot Bip). An official lyric video for the hynotically wistful track, “Into Grey,” directed by Caesar Gergess (Caesar Gergess & The Dusk Wanderers), is available on Casserly’s YouTube channel. Romo is available now in CD and digital formats.

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