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Empire State Human releases instrumental albumIrish electro/synthpop duo Empire State Human has announced its newest instrumental album Futura, following the 2013 release of Soul of the Machine. “Working purely on music that was never intended to have a voice on it really helped us throw away the perceptions of who we are as a band, to not only ourselves but also to how others see us too,” says vocalist Aidan Casserly. “It’s been a very refreshing experience. It was also a brilliant learning curve and a great journey to make so soon after the last album (which was song based). Ideally, I can see us doing more of these in the future as it was one of the most positive studio experiences we’ve ever had. We’re looking to taking the positive experience into the completion of the remaining tracks on our next song based album, The Dark, in the coming months.” The band released a promo video for the opening track “Into Futura,” directed by AVD78.


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  1. Many thanx Regen for the New mention regarding “FUTURA”. We really appreciate the support!


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