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Emigrate announces sophomore albumEmigrate, the band featuring Rammstein’s Richard Kruspe and Joe Letz of Combichrist, has announced its sophomore album, Silent So Long, through Spinefarm Records this November. The album features a slew of guest vocalists, including Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, KoRn’s Jonathan Davis, Marilyn Manson, Peaches, and Frank Dellé of Seeed. “I didn’t write the songs with specific guests in mind,” explains Kruspe. “I just thought who would do the best job on this or that track, and the final performances were everything I was hoping for. You know, I’ve had about five moments in my music career when I’ve been left smiling like a child – one was when Rammstein sold out New York’s Madison Square Garden in 20 minutes (2010), but the last one was hearing Lemmy on tape. It just sounds f**king great! I wrote him a really long message and he came back ‘alright!’ Fantastic!”
Silent So Long follows Emigrate’s self-titled debut released in 2007, and is currently available for pre-order through Amazon UK.


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