Oct 2017 30

Electronic Substance Abuse teases 2018 album with new music video
Electronic Substance Abuse, the creative outlet for maniacal musician Jamie Blacker, has just released a new music video for the track “Bad Blood Will Out.” The track comes from the forthcoming studio album That Beast, which is set to be released via Negative Gain Productions in March of 2018. The video, directed by Myles Fearnley, tells the story of ritual, darkness, and vanity while the song continues ESA’s journey through the dark side and remains all at once danceable and insidious. Born out of desire to cross genres, Blacker left producing death/black metal in favor of starting his own dark crusade through experimental extremities; now, four studio albums later, Blacker finds himself in good company having collaborated and played with the likes of Manufactura, Iszoloscope, Displacer, and others.


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