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Electric Sewer Age releases debut albumElectric Sewer Age, the current project of Danny Hyde (Coil, Aural Rage), will release its first full album, Bad White Corpuscle, through Old Europa Cafe on June 23. In its inception, Electric Sewer Age was imagined in 2006 by the late John Deek as a way for like-minded individuals – particularly in the COIL fraternity – to compose music. While the concept originally stood for the music giving no credits to the creators, Hyde is directly named for his contribution to the project, along with the late Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle). “While in Bangkok 2006, I talked with Peter Christopherson about the project and he jumped aboard,” says Hyde. “He supplied many loops which made their way to Texas and onto the UK. These segments might or might not be used in here; you explore.”
Electric Sewer Age released its debut single in 2012, titled Moon’s Milk in Final Phase.


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