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Eisbrecher announces "best of" collection
A staple of the German music scene, Eisbrecher will be revisiting its past with a two-disc collection. Spanning the band’s 15 year existence, Ewiges Eis – 15 Jahre Eisbrecher is a “best of” celebration of the group’s uncompromising brand of industrial/metal; from the driving electronic beats to the vicious mechanical guitars of Noel Pix, topped off by the distintctive vocal presence of Alexx Wesselsky, Ewiges Eis presents to North American audiences a brutal retrospective that demonstrates how Eisbrecher became one of the premier acts of the Neue Deutsche Härte style, while also rejecting the cliches of the genre. Ewiges Eis – 15 Jahre Eisbrecher will be released on November 9 via Metropolis Records.


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