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Ego Likeness lines up re-releases, new album, new projectsDarkwave superstar duo Ego Likeness has announced re-releases of the 2004 album Water to the Dead, and the 2006 album Order of the Reptile. According to the band, the re-releases will include bonus tracks. “We are very excited and flattered beyond words that there is still a demand for this material after ten years,” says co-founder Steven Archer. Water to the Dead will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. Ego Likeness is currently hard at work on the band’s sixth album, Know Thine Enemy. “Know Thine Enemy will be done when it’s done,” says Archer. “It will probably come out early next year. But what it boils down to is that we would rather take our time than repeat ourselves. We could write Breedless again, but it would suck because we wouldn’t mean it.”
In related news, co-founder Donna Lynch will release her novel Red Horses this year, a prequel to her novel Isabel Burning. Additionally, Archer’s solo project ::Hopeful Machines:: has released its newest album ::MinusZero::, the project’s 14th release. Archer is currently working on another solo project, the tribal/industrial Stone Burner, to be released this year. Demos have been released on the band’s SoundCloud.

Ego Likeness performs “Severine” from Order of the Reptile

Stone Burner demos via SoundCloud


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