Jan 2019 27

Drownd makes its debut with "Sick Like You"
London based industrial/rock act Drownd makes its official debut with the release of the single and music video, “Sick Like You.” As the first of four planned releases that will eventually lead to the band’s first full-length album, “Sick Like You” presents Drownd’s sound as an abrasive form of industrial/rock, with the enigmatic front man stating his intention to incorporate more cinematic elements into the band’s sound; with plans to create a 20-30 minute short concept video with Drownd’s music interspersed with instrumental and spoken word tracks, he also states that “Sick Like You” grants him “a slight amount of anonymity,” focusing on the harsh music and lurid visuals rather than the individual personalities that appear. As well, Drownd is planning a series of live performances throughout the rest of the year, culminating in a late summer/early autumn tour, which follows the artist’s relocation to Los Angeles for a six-month period to “focus intensely on the music and finish writing and producing the album out there, with possibly a small show in London before I leave.” “Sick Like You” is available on ZeroSum Records (via Believe Digital) on all digital outlets, including Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.


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