Sep 2018 21

Drew McDowall releases third solo album via Dais
Experimental label Dais Records has announced the third solo record from Drew McDowall on the imprint, on which the artist attempts to unravel the DNA of hallucination by way of concept, ritual, and immersion. The Third Helix features eight new tracks of experimental electronic darkness and droning ambient textures, to be released in digital and vinyl formats. The digital edition was released on September 21 via Bandcamp, while the vinyl version will be released on November 7; the vinyl comes in standard black, a clear variant limited to 100 copies, a translucent red variant limited to 400 copies, and a translucent amber variant limited to 500 copies. Pre-orders are available now via the Dais Records webstore.

A key figure in early industrial and exploratory music, this third solo record sees McDowall embarking on a new phase that stems of from his beginnings in the late ’70s art/punk movement to his tenure with the likes of Psychic TV and COIL in the ’80s and ’90s, with the album’s central themes revolving around “reconfiguring consciousness by honoring inherent power, cognizant of memory yet agnostic of context.”


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