Feb 2012 29

New York industrial group Dream into Dust has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fully fund their newest album. Currently titled So Beautiful and So Dangerous, Dream into Dust offers the new CD as a $15 Basic Package, which includes a physical digipak of the album made available to backers, as well as a download for an exclusive song; other DiD releases and merchandise are coupled with the album on other tiers. “The album was designed to stand up not just as individual songs, but as a whole,” says founder Derek Rush. “Musical and lyrical themes repeat in different songs, each one fades into the next.” So Beautiful and So Dangerous will be DiD’s first full-length release since 2003’s The Lathe of Heaven. Fans can preview the tracks on the Kickstarter page. Dream into Dust’s campaign ends March 15.


Dream into Dust Website http://dreamintodust.com
Dream into Dust MySpace http://www.myspace.com/dreamintodust
Dream into Dust Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dreamintodust
Dream into Dust Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/derekrush/help-make-the-new-dream-into-dust-album-a-reality
Chthonic Streams Website http://chthonicstreams.com/main.html
Chthonic Streams Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/chthonicstreams
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