Jan 2019 22

Divine Shade releases first of four music videos encompassing new EP
French industrial/rock act Divine Shade will be releasing its latest EP, In the Dust, in the form of a short film divided into four parts, each presented as a music video for the EP’s four tracks. The first track, “Something Bad,” was released in November of 2018, with the remaining three to be unveiled leading up to spring 2019. Directed by Gary Fossier-Renna and produced by Ziker (Nicolas Sonnier), the monochromatic video for “Something Bad” is a mlenage of divergent imagery depicting what appears to be a dark, perhaps devilish procession or ritual taking place in an industrial warehouse, all set to the band’s ethereal blend of guttural down-tuned guitars, seething electronic drones, and layers of haunted vocals akin to witch house. In the Dust follows Divine Shade’s 2014 demo EP From the Sky, with T-shirts, tote bags, and buttons available in the merch section of the group’s Bandcamp; the full EP will be made available upon the release of the fourth and final video.


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