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Dirk Ivens' DIVE returns after more than a decade with a new album
DIVE - UnderneathDIVE, one of several projects by Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Ivens (Absolute Body Control, The Klinic, Sonar) returns with a new album, Underneath, the project’s first since 2004’s Behind the Sun. Previous collaborators Ivan Iusco (who Ivens worked with on 1993’s Concrete Jungle) and Rafael M. Espinosa (his collaborator on Behind the Sun) return to help create the dark, minimalistic, mechanical world in which Ivens’ voice prowls to the rhythms of insistent psychedelic beats, drawing the listener in with catchy, groovy tracks before snatching them into its phantasmagoric maw. Underneath is due out May 11 via Out of Line Music in CD and limited edition dark green vinyl formats. Both versions are available for pre-order now via Storming the Base.


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