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Die So Fluid returns with first single from upcoming fifth album
Die So Fluid - Bittersweet (Single)Three years after the band’s highly acclaimed The Opposites of Light, L.A./London goth/rock band Die So Fluid has released the first single from the long awaited fifth album, One Bullet from Paradise. Full of the band’s usual sneer and swagger, “Bittersweet” is as its title suggests, Die So Fluid’s first release after the death of friend and Grammy award winning drummer All Fletcher; the band subsequently stepped back to evaluate the prospect of continuing without the band’s rhythmic backbone, having written a number of songs for a new album that had not yet been recorded. As a result, One Bullet from Paradise features all new songs that the band describes as “harder, heavier, faster, punkier,” with vocalist/bassist Grog Rox stating that the song “is an alter ego who came to life as I wrote the song.” The single cover’s stylized image – illustrated by acclaimed graphic novelist/artist Dan Schaffer (Dogwitch, The Scribbler) – futhering corresponds to the song being “a statement about embracing yourself as you are, thorns ‘n’ all” and the character (resembling Grog herself) embodying “all the stuff I like about many of my favorite female TV, film, and graphic novel characters.” “Bittersweet” will be available on April 7 via Strataville, having originally premiered on March 31 on Tattoo.com, and was performed by remaining Die So Fluid members Grog and Drew Richards; Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, ASKEW, kETvECTOR) performed the drums on the album. A release date for One Bullet from Paradise has not yet been announced.


Die So Fluid
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Website, Facebook, Twitter
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