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Having released the Technopunk album in August 2018, Portland, OR electro/punk act Die Robot will be following up with a remix companion, with pre-orders to be available on August 8 via Bandcamp. Among the remixers to be featured on Technopunk Remix’d will be Antonym, Particle Son, Black Agent, Pyrolizr, and more yet to be announced; past releases from the band have included remixes by RMLfx and Synth Witch. Die Robot was also most recently featured on Riveting Music’s A Riveting Protest compilation, covering Creedence Clearwater Revival’s anti-war anthem “Fortunate Son.”

In addition, Die Robot will be performing a series of dates with Hungarian synthwave/electro producer Lazerpunk, taking place on July 11 in Seattle,WA, July 18 in San Jose, CA and July 19 in Oakland, CA; the Seattle show will also feature Rabbit Junk and Wolftron, while the San Jose show will also feature Senzatimore. Additional information can be found on the Die Robot website, with more dates soon to be announced.


Die Robot
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Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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