Aug 2013 27

Dexys Midnight Runners releases new album to the U.S.After nearly 30 years of inactivity, the English pop group Dexys (formerly Dexys Midnight Runners) will release its newest album One Day I’m Going to Soar to the U.S. in September through Slimstyle Records. Dexys released the album in the UK in June 2012. Dexys first announced work on this album in 2005. “I think I was in some ways a prisoner of my past,” says Kevin Rowland of Dexys, explaining the long production period. “I didn’t just want to put out any old album, just for the sake of making an album. It had to be right.” Dexys has also released an accompanying video for the album, for the track “She Got a Wiggle.” The album is currently available through iTunes and Amazon UK. Dexys released its last album, Don’t Stand Me Down, in 1985 under its original name.


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