Jul 2017 18

Dethcentrik releases first single from upcoming album
Colorado industrial band Dethcentrik has released “Police State,” the first single off of the upcoming album Working Class American. Front man Død Beverte explains that while releasing an instrumental track as a single is an unorthodox move, he feels that “the instrumentation and samples may help Americans look at life from another perspective.” Jeremiah Whitman (tech_ninja) and Romero Little (Disturbing Taxidermy) join Beverte on the long awaited album, which is scheduled for release by late December. Little and Beverte previously worked together on the Disturbing Taxidermy track “I Don’t Want to Live This Li(f)e” and both contributed to Vivi Vex’s industrial supergroup, Rust Punk Tribe; Whitman remixed Dethcentrik’s track, “Rip My Heart Out.” Død describes the album as “if Pink Floyd were a new wave band” and says that “It’s going to mix a lot more old school styling than before, and I’m very happy about that”



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