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Deconbrio to re-record debut album for tenth anniversary re-release
Knoxville, TN industrial/rock band Deconbrio has announced the construction of a new album to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the group’s 2008 debut Obsessions of a False Idol. However, rather than simply remaster the original recordings for an anniversary re-release, founder Danny Rendo has stated that the band will re-record, remix, and remaster the album from scratch; “All 12 songs will get facelifts (which is more than appropriate, considering the show Nip/Tuck was a huge influence on the aesthetics of the album), and will be released on CD and on all streaming services,” Rendo reveals. The original version of Obsessions of a False Idol will still be available as a free download via the Deconbrio Bandcamp, but all physical releases will feature the new version. In addition, Rendo states that further details, “such as album artwork, actual release date, and what kind of ‘bonus’ material might come with it,” will be revealed via the band’s social media outlets; completed songs will also be shared on Deconbrio’s Patreon page. The 2018 edition of Obsessions of a False Idol follows Hail to the Liar’s Throne, released in 2016 on Digital World Audio.
Deconbrio - Obsessions of a False Idol 2018


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