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Deadmau5 to participate in 2016 Web Summit
U.S. and European music industry experts will gather in Lisbon, Portugal on November 8-10 to discuss the impact of the digital revolution on the music industry at this year’s Web Summit. Featured artists and innovators include musicians Deadmau5 and Tinie Tempah, producer Ray J, Sub-Pop Records co-founder Bruce Pavitt, Spotify CMO Seth Fabman, Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, founder and CEO of Burning Man Marian Goodell, and SoundCloud co-founder and CTO Eric Wahlforss.
As digital sales have grown to 45% of industry revenues and the popularity of streaming has increased exponentially, the question remains as to whether ever faster shifts in technology are a revolution in the making or the death knell for the music industry as we know it. Has the availability of instant access for artists and fans alike paved the way for a seismic re-balancing of the way music is created, released, and monetized? Is the traditional big label system on the path to extinction with smaller, independent artists and labels able to interact directly with fans? Will new regulations on streaming and licensing slow the stream to a trickle? The speakers will debate these and other challenges and opportunities arising from the growth of new technologies and discuss the shape of things to come.
Web Summit is one of the world’s biggest technology summits, featuring tech giants and startups alike. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2010 before moving to Lisbon, Portugal in 2016. Previous musical speakers include U2’s Bono, Radiohead manager Brian Message, and Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia.


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