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Danzig reveals "sneak peak" of his directorial debut, Verotik
Based on his comic book company of the same name, Glenn Danzig has shared three images from his directorial debut Verotik as a sneak peak of what the movie has to offer. Described as a three-part horror anthology, Verotik is being produced by Cleopatra Entertainment, a division of prominent goth/industrial label Cleopatra Records, with Danzig not only writing and directing, but also providing an original music score. According to the punk/metal musician, the movie will offer fans a healthy plethora of “blood and boobs,” with each of the three segments sure to offer a genrous amount of gratuitous violence, gore, and sexual content in true exploitative horror fashion; the cast reportedly includes adult star Kayden Kross, Ashley Wisdom, Rachel Alig, and Alive Haig (no relation to horror movie icon Sid Haig).
Often referred to as the “Evil Elvis,” Glenn Danzig has stated that no Danzig shows are currently planned for 2019, as he will instead focus on Verotik‘s production, as well as issuing a long-in-the-works album of Elvis Presley covers, Danzig Sings Elvis; no release date has been announced. In addition, he will be once again be performing with the reunited Misfits on April 27 in Chicago, with tickets available now via Ticketmaster. Danzig’s most recent release was his eleventh studio album, 2017’s Black Laden Crowd, which featured PRONG’s Tommy Victor on guitar and bass and former Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly.


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