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Daniel Davies announces debut solo album
Musician and composer Daniel Davies has announced his debut solo album, titled Events Score, will be released digitally via Lakeshore Records. The eight instrumental tracks build on his collaborative work with John Carpenter on the legendary director’s Lost Themes and Anthology albums to conjure haunting soundscapes from vintage synths. Davies describes the release as the score to an imagined sci-fi film, saying, “I’m not a screenwriter, so I wrote an album.”

Events Score will be released digitally on August 31, with limited cassette and vinyl editions available through Burning Witches Records.
Davies, the son of The Kinks guitarist Dave Davies and the godson of John Carpenter, is best known for his work with rock bands like CKY and Year Long Disaster. Besides collaborating with Carpenter on the famed director’s solo albums, Davies also provided guitar work for the soundtrack to Carpenter’s Vampires. He also worked with ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo under the moniker of By Maker to compose the soundtrack to horror film I, Frankenstein in 2013.


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