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Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins to join forces for U.S. tour
PoptoneHaving worked together in legendary goth and alternative rock acts Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins have joined forces once again to form the band Poptone. With Haskins’ daughter Diva Dompe joining the pair to round out the trio, the band has announced two already sold out Los Angeles shows taking place at Swing House Studios on April 20 and 21, with more dates to be announced for a full U.S. tour. Referring to Haskins as “an obvious choice,” Ash states of his longstanding collaboration with the drummer, “Kevin and I get along really well, like a house on fire. We’re really different personalities, which is why it probably works.” He goes on to say of Diva, the band’s bassist, “We auditioned her, and she plays great, she looks great, and the chemistry is great.” With Poptone, Ash and Haskins will be revisiting their storied back catalog, performing selected tracks from their past three bands.
Ash’s latest solo endeavor, the crowdfunded 2014 album Stripped saw the artist reinterpreting tracks from his past bands with a freshly electronic mindset, while Haskins has been curating Bauhaus – Undead: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus, a coffee table book chronicling the history of the band.
Peter Murphy announces San Francisco residency
In additional news, former Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy, whose Bare Boned and Sacred live album chronicling his 2016 acoustic tour is now available via Metropolis Records, has announced a residency at San Francisco’s The Chapel. From June 20 through July 14, Murphy will perform a retrospective of seven of his solo albums, including a Stripped show to mirror the 2016 tour. “I have always wanted to do a residency,” states Murphy, continuing, “I felt like this was the perfect venue and that the time to do this was now.” The Chapel General Manager Fred Barnes comments, “The Chapel is extremely proud to be hosting this unique, career-defining retrospective from one of the greatest musicians in history.” A full listing of dates can be found at The Chapel’s website.


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