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Cynical Existence releases EP companion to latest album
Cynical Existence - Dying LightAggressive electro artist Cynical Existence has released a special EP as a companion piece to the act’s latest album, Dying Light, featuring alternative mixes of selected songs from that album. Titled as the (Dark/Light Edit), the EP showcases the more metal side to Cynical Existence’s music, replacing the programmed rhythms with acoustic drums to emphasize the new heavier direction the band is moving toward. Retaining the guitars provided by guest musician Erik Gustafson and featuring live drumming from Cliff Cage, the EP is now available to purchase via the Cynical Existence Bandcamp, with the band stating, “If you are a metal head who doesn’t mind synthesizers, then this one is for you!” Dying Light was released on April 5 via Advoxya Records, with the (Dark/Light Edit) EP released on May 1.


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