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Cult Never Dies to release expanded edition of Mortiis Era 1 book
Mortiis - Secrets of My Kingdom: Return to Dimensions UnknownOriginally released in a highly limited form in 2001, the Cult Never Dies publishing house has issued a new expanded edition of Secrets of My Kingdom: Return to Dimensions Unknown by dark industrial/rock artist Mortiis. The book was intended to further flesh out the universe Mortiis had drawn upon in his early ambient releases, often referred to as the “Era 1” period of the his creative progression, which he has named “dungeon synth.” Collecting a writings and illustrations from a variety of talents, this newly expanded edition includes previously unseen illustrations, as well as interviews with Mortiis to further explain his conceptual evolution and the impact he has had on a growing movement that follows the “dungeon synth” example. The original version of Secrets of My Kingdom is an extremely rare and much sought after item by fans, demanding prices of up to hundreds of dollars. The expanded edition of Secrets of My Kingdom: Return to Dimensions Unknown is due for release in March of 2018 via Cult Never Dies publishing, which has already released several acclaimed titles focusing on black metal and dark underground music and art.
Having released The Great Corrupter remix companion to the 2016 album The Great Deceiver, Mortiis embarked on a tour with fellow legendary industrial/rock act PIG in 2017, during which a vinyl reissue of his “lost” 2006 album The Unraveling Mind was available. As well, 2017 saw reissues of his Era 1 albums and his Vond side project, both catalogs having been long out-of-print.


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