Oct 2014 12

Cubanate vocalist crowdfunds book on Sussex Satanic panicMarc Heal, best known as the vocalist for Cubanate and C-Tec, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish his book, titled The Sussex Devils. “It’s taken me nearly two years of research,” says Heal of the book’s subject matter, pertaining to a man named Derry Mainwaring Knight, put on trial in 1986 following his allegations of a Satanic cabal operating within the British establishment. Aided by local Reverand John Baker, Knight’s case caused a panic in the Sussex community in its time, and followed events in Heal’s own life regarding his being branded “possessed” by his Evangelical parents. “Anxiety is a relatively modern condition, now much discussed, but in 1984 I had never heard the term,” says Heal, “I became so disturbed that I fulfilled a symptomatic checklist of “possession”, and needless to say, that was the Evangelical diagnosis.” He goes on to state, “It is difficult to understand now but the Satanic moral panics of the 1980s were as powerful as the current panics about child abuse. Why, for a brief moment in history, did these fears dominate, and what did it mean – for me and the wider world?”
The Unbound campaign offers The Sussex Devils in eBook and hardcover editions, with further rewards being offered included invites to the book’s launch party and a private dinner with Heal, all at locations in central London. An excerpt from the book’s first chapter is available to read on the Unbound campaign website.


The Sussex Devils Crowdfund Campaign Website http://unbound.co.uk/books/the-sussex-devils
Marc Heal/Antimatter Universe Website http://antimatteruniverse.net
Marc Heal SoundClound https://soundcloud.com/marc-heal
Cubanate Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cubanate
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