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With today, June 7, 2019 marking the release of the Kolossus EP, industrial/rock act Cubanate has also unveiled a new music video for the title track. Directed by E Gabriel Edvy of Blackswitch Labs, “Kolossus” is a frantic and frenetic tour de force with an intensity that matches the song’s blend of techno electronics, Phil Barry’s growling guitar riffs, and Marc Heal’s seething vocals. Adding to the video’s scalding visuals is a performance by alt. model Leah Debrincat. The “Kolossus” music video made its premiere at 12:00 noon, GMT.

The Kolossus EP marks Cubanate’s first official release of new material since 1998’s Interference, out now in CD and digital formats via Armalyte Industries; it features five brand new tracks, along with remixes of “Kolossus” by Rhys Fulber and Drownd. Cubanate had recently performed a co-headlining event with <PIG> at London’s Electrowerkz on June 1; the band will also be performing at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen today, June 7.


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