Mar 2019 08

CrackDown releases new EP mastered by Justin Bennett
Danish electro duo CrackDown has released a new EP, Time, marking the band’s fifth release since its formation in January of 2015. Blending elements of ’80s inspired synthwave with modern electro/EBM and industrial textures, Kim Holm and Lasse Mønsted have crafted a diverse sound, the pair explaining the EP’s themes, “Time is like death because life is a threat. Death becomes time because life is a crime. Life equals death because time wouldn’t trade. Death becomes time because our lives are at stake.” Augmenting CrackDown’s sound on the Time EP are remixes provided by fellow electro trailblazers Portion Control, The Eldridge Experience, and kETvECTOR; additionally, the EP was mastered at Studio23 by Justin Bennett (kETvECTOR, Skinny Puppy, ohGr, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult). Time is now available digitally via Bandcamp.


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