Apr 2012 18

COMA Music Magazine has announced their unified movement to promote outside of their own organization, urging others to do the same.
“We have felt a definitive lack of community among the goth/industrial scene, it’s taken a turn for being competitive and splintered,” says COMA founder J. Ward. “COMA staff are looking forward to encouraging a change and are looking to once again unite the scene in hopes that others will follow suit.”
In addition to promoting other web stations, shows, and podcasts, COMA will also promote reviews, interviews, and articles from other sites and zines.
ReGen Magazine enthusiastically supports and joins COMA in their movement.


COMA Music Magazine Website http://coma-online.com
COMA Music Magazine Facebook https://www.facebook.com/comamusicmagazine
COMA Music Magazine Twitter https://twitter.com/COMAMusicMag
COMA Music Magazine Fundraiser http://coma-online.com/?p=11796
Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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