Mar 2018 14

Collide launches PledgeMusic campaign for double remix album
Less than a year after the release of the band’s eighth full-length album, Color of Nothing, the dark electro/industrial duo of Statik and kaRIN – better known as Collide – has launched a PledgeMusic campaign for what they are calling “their best remix album yet!” Featuring remixes of songs from Color of Nothing along with two previously unreleased cover tracks and a brand new Collide song, Mind & Matter will be a double-album available in digital and two-CD physical formats, totalling 29 tracks. The remixes included will be a blend of special guests and winners from the band’s remix contest, which resulted in hundreds of submissions from around the world; among the guest remixers are Blue Stahli, Snake River Conspiracy’s Jason Slater, Wade Alin, and Purr Machine, while remixers from the contest feature D’ MacKinnon, Digital Gnosis, Alien Nation, and many others. Other perks featured in the campaign include autographed CDs, posters, stickers, guitar picks, jewelry/apparel, and more!


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