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A mainstay of the death/rock scene, Altar De Fey has announced the release of Original Sin: An Anthology of the Early Years via Other Voices Records on August 25. The 11 track album includes demos, live tracks, and rehearsals dating from 1984 to 1986. Formed in San Francisco during the early ’80s, Altar De Fey was part of the burgeoning post-punk movement, imbuing it with a dark and brooding sound punctuated with tribal drumming and experimental guitar. Despite disbanding in 1988 with no recordings released, the group became a touch point of the goth/punk scene, re-emerging for a reunion in 2011, with new material from an updated lineup following shortly after in 2012. Pre-orders are available now for digital, CD, and vinyl editions, with CD and vinyl limited to 300 copies each; both physical versions also include digital downloads. An extremely limited edition of 25 T-shirt and digital album bundles will also be released.


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