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Collaboration featuring members of The Cranberries and The Smiths announces debut albumD.A.R.K. – a collaboration between Brooklyn based DJ/producer/songwriter Olé Koretsky, Smiths bassist Andy Rourke, and Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan – has announced the release of the debut album, Science Agrees, following the success of the band’s singles, “Dancer,” “Curvy,” and “Loosen the Noose.” The project began as a collaboration between Koretsky and Rourke, with O’Riordan joining after a chance encounter with Rourke. The group’s music draws on the influence of classic new wave and alternative music, experimental sound artists, and modern hip-hop. The album explores themes of love, isolation, death, rebirth, and the balance between dark and light. Produced and arranged by Korestky, ROurke, and O’Riordan, Science Agrees will be released via Cooking Vinyl on September 9 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats; pre-orders for the album are now available via the D.A.R.K. website, iTunes, and Amazon.



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